Thursday, September 21, 2023

POM Practice

POMS Applied Research Challenge. POMS Applied Research Challenge (ARC) is a competition that is intended to encourage its academic members to conduct rigorous applied research that is relevant to practice and innovative. This competition is based on topics selected or approved by our practitioner panel. See:POMS Applied Research Challenge

POMS Practice Leaders. POMS Practice Leaders are outstanding POM practitioners who are committed to share practical knowledge and insights with our academic members. At the same time, the POMS Practice Leaders interact among themselves to explore and discuss emerging POM issues. See: POMS Practice Leaders

POMS Practice Blogs. The POMS Practice Blogs are intended to enable practice leaders to share their insights regarding various operations issues arising from practice. These blogs are intended to stimulate our academic members to conduct relevant research. See: POMS Practice Blogs

POMS Martin K. Starr Excellence in POM Practice Award. The Starr Award is established to recognize exceptional contributions made to the field of Production and Operations Management by POM practitioners. See: POMS Martin K. Starr Excellence in POM Practice Award