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The POMS Teaching Initiative, led by the POMS Education Committee, seeks to improve teaching in the operations management profession sharing of best teaching practices and dissemination of teaching materials through the POM journal, POMS website, and conferences.

Accordingly, on this page you will find links to information and resources. Check back often, we plan to post valuable information on an ongoing basis!

POM Course Syllabi from Leading MBA/MS Programs

  • Epodia
    Epodia is a free, web-based dissemination of education materials and collaboration among faculty in Operations Management. The website is secure and only allows access to faculty members. Any faculty member, regardless of academic affiliation, can upload and download materials such as: syllabi, case studies, exams, presentations, teaching notes, working papers, and more. The site allows for feedback on items that are posted, creating an interaction among faculty members.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
    MIT OpenCourseWare is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. The site provides downloads for resources such as: syllabi, lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, exams, and other course materials.

  • The CIBER Web
    Resources for Faculty from The Centers for International Business Education and Research.

  • The OM Encyclopedia
    An Encyclopedia of OM terms in PDF format.
    From Arthur V. Hill, Professor of Operations & Management Science
    Curtis L. Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

  • Supply Chain and Operations Management Glossary
    Glossary hosted by LINDO Systems.
    LINKS is a sophisticated, team-based, competitive management simulation designed in a modular fashion to permit application in a variety of educational/instructional contexts. This simulation is widely used in MBA programs across the country. Examples of simulations include: supply chain management, service operations management, and enterprise management.

    Responsive Learning Technologies

  • Responsive Learning Technologies operates several simulation technologies relevant to operations management. Littlefield Technologies is a real-time, competitive factory simulator which emphasizes queuing, capacity management, inventory management, and lead time management. Other simulations include: supply chain game, eBEER, HP-NADO case, and venture capital game.


  • SimQuick is an Excel spreadsheet (with some macros) that allows the user to model simple processes including waiting lines, inventory, supply chains, manufacturing, and projects with uncertain task times.

    XanEdu Course Packs

  • Faculty can create the ultimate custom course materials print or digital-for their business students. XanEdu's comprehensive and extensive services offer unparalleled access to billions of pages of pre-copyright cleared material- cases, trade and academic journals and newspapers, book chapters-through their intuitive online tool. If it's not in their current collection of content, their editorial team of experts will get the permissions for you!

  • Factory Schedule Show
    Factory Schedule Show, available free, is developed by Professor Khoshnevis, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90089-0193. The contact information is Phone: (213) 740-4889, Fax: (213) 740-1120 and e-mail: FSS is a Windows based software which provides a graphical demonstration of factory operations schedule and machine loads. The system is also capable of showing relevant statistical data and performance measures. 
    • Click on Academic tab, followed by Software tab, followed by FSS tab.
    • To run FSS: Follow the instructions.
  • BusSim 
    BusSim provides three simulations that relate Operations Management content to real world applications.


    BusSim Operations is a manufacturing based simulation that focuses on the operations function.
    BusSim Manufacturing is a manufacturing based simulation that teaches broader management responsibilities.
    BusSim Transportation is a service based trucking industry simulation. 

    These simulations provide excellent assessment of student learning and all programs are downloadable for free on the website. Donated by Professor David A. Jordan, CSI (Geneva College)