Thursday, September 21, 2023

College of Sustainable Operations

The mission of the College of Sustainable Operations is to create a community of researchers, educators and practitioners sharing a common interest in the application of operations management principles and tools for improving environmental, social and economic sustainability. The prime objective is to foster the creation and dissemination of knowledge to improve our understanding of the issues at the interface between sustainability and operations, and to develop tools that can aid in organizational decision-making in both business and non-profit sectors. The College embraces theoretical and empirical research, practical applications and projects, field studies as well as teaching and pedagogical material.

Sustainable Operations


Board Members

President: Gal Raz (University of Virginia) VP Meetings: Suresh Muthulingam (Pennsylvania State University) VP Membership: Tim Kraft (University of Virginia) VP Outreach and Awards: Vishal Agrawal (Georgetown University) Treasurer: Jie Zhang (University of Vermont) Secretary: Amelia Carr (Bowling Green State University) Online Editor: K. Kathy Dhanda (DePaul University) Past President: Deishin Lee (Boston College)

College of Sustainable Operations Mini-Conference 2015

The POMS College of Sustainable Operations will hold its annual Mini-Conference on May 7, 2015, the day before the start of the main POMS conference at Washington D.C. We will have a group of exciting speakers with a combination of research, teaching and industry. As part of the conference we will run a research incubator to encourage collaboration among college members.  Click here for agenda