Tuesday, December 5, 2023

College of Service Operations

All members of POMS will be eligible to join the College of Service Operations. Annual dues of $25 will be collected along with the annual dues of POMS.

The board members of college will be elected from among the membership of the CSO. The President of the College will represent the college on the board of POMS.

Service Operations



Jul 09 2015

    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Gary Thompson, Cornell University (awarded in 2011)
  • Chris Voss, London Business School (awarded in 2010)
  • Sheryl Kimes, Cornell U. (awarded in 2010)
  • Aleda Roth, Clemson U. (awarded in 2009)
  • Dick Chase, U. Southern California (awarded in 2007)
    2009 Distinguished Service Award
  • Uday Apte, Naval Postgraduate School
    2009 Emerging Scholar Award
  • Serhan Ziya, U. North Carolina – Chapel Hill
    Most Influential Service Operations Paper Award
  • Liana Victorino, Rohit Verma, and Don G. Wardell. For their 2013 article titled, “Script Usage in Standardized and Customized Service Encounters: Implications for Perceived Service Quality,” Production and Operations Management 22(3), 518-534 (awarded in 2015).
  • Corey Angst, Sarv Devaraj, Carrie Queenan, and Brad Greenwood. For their 2011 article titled, “Performance Effects Related to the Sequence of Integration of Healthcare Technologies,” Production and Operations Management 20(3), 319-333 (awarded in 2013).
  • Mei Xue and Joy Field. For their 2008 article titled, "Service Coproduction with Information Stickiness and Incomplete Contracts: Implications for Consulting Services Design," Production and Operations Management 17(3), 357-372 (awarded in 2011).
  • Larry Menor and Aleda Roth. For their 2008 article titled “New Service Development Competence and Performance: An Empirical Examination in Retail Banking,” Production and Operations Management 17(3), 267-285 (awarded in 2010).
  • Craig Froehle and Scott Sampson. For their 2006 article titled “Foundations and implications of a proposed unified services theory,” Production and Operations Management 15 (2), 329-343 (awarded in 2009).

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