Tuesday, December 5, 2023

College of Service Operations

All members of POMS will be eligible to join the College of Service Operations. Annual dues of $25 will be collected along with the annual dues of POMS.

The board members of college will be elected from among the membership of the CSO. The President of the College will represent the college on the board of POMS.

Service Operations


Other Activities

Jul 09 2015

The college will promote and guest edit special issues of Production and Operations Management.

The college will organize an annual conference focusing on the current topics of interest to members. The college's first annual conference took place in 2004. Starting in 2010, conferences are planned to be in conjunction with the POMS annual conference in even numbered years.

A wiki on teaching materials in Operations Management has been created by Carrie Queenan (c_queenan@nd.edu). Included are discussions and more information on cases, classroom games, and other topics.


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