Tuesday, December 5, 2023

College of Service Operations

All members of POMS will be eligible to join the College of Service Operations. Annual dues of $25 will be collected along with the annual dues of POMS.

The board members of college will be elected from among the membership of the CSO. The President of the College will represent the college on the board of POMS.

Service Operations



Jul 09 2015

The mission of the POMS College of Service Operations is to:

  • Establish and nurture a community of scholars and practitioners who are interested in the research and teaching of Operations Management in Services as well as the practice of Operations Management in Service industries.
  • Formulate research as well as teaching agenda with regard to service operations so as to spark more and better research and pedagogy in the critical emerging areas of service operations.
  • Provide opportunities for people with common interests in research and teaching to interact with one another by organizing activities such as specialized conferences, workshops, and other events on topics associated with Operations in Services.

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