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Product Innovation and Technology Management


2013 PITM Student Paper Competition

Jul 09 2015

2013 PITM Student Paper Competition

The POMS Product Innovation and Technology Management College (PITM) invites submissions to the 2013 Student Paper Competition. The award will be accompanied by an honorarium. The winner will be announced at the PITM Mini-conference scheduled for October 5, 2013 – immediately preceding the 2013 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis.

Student Paper Competition -- Application Process and Eligibility Conditions

We welcome papers related to product development and technology management. There are four conditions for eligibility:

  1. Entrant must have been a student on or after May 1, 2012, and the research presented in the paper must have been conducted while the entrant was a student.
  2. The submitted paper must present original research conducted primarily by the student entrant. Some assistance by other individuals (such as the student's faculty advisor) is permitted, however. If the paper were to be submitted for publication to a journal, it would be appropriate to list the student entrant as its first author, regardless of alphabetical order. If the paper or a close version of it has already been submitted for publication to a journal, the student entrant must have been listed as its first author, and it would have been appropriate to do so regardless of alphabetical order.
  3. The entrant's primary research advisor must certify that the student's share of contribution to the paper along the three individual dimensions of writing, analytical results (if applicable), computational results (if applicable) and/or empirical/experimental results (if applicable) exceeds 50%.
  4. Entrant must be a member of the PITM College of POMS on the date of submission (visit the POMS Website for information on how to become a POMS/PITM member).

In addition, a student may submit no more than one paper to the competition.

Submission Requirements:

A complete entry consists of:


  1. A cover letter completed by the student and stating the entrant's contact information, the contact information of the entrant's primary research advisor, the paper title, and appropriate keywords for the submitted paper.
  2. The paper in completely anonymous form and PDF file format, with a length of at most 32 pages, including all references, tables, graphs and appendices 12-point font with 1-inch margins on all four sides. Papers should have double-spacing throughout, including abstract, references, and footnotes and be strictly compliant with all submission formatting standards of the journal POM as described at http://www.poms.org/journal/author_instructions/ . The paper must include all material necessary for judges to assess its technical correctness, possibly included in an appendix of no more than 8 pages. The file name should be the short title of the paper.
  3. A cover letter completed by the primary research advisor of the entrant and including a statement that the eligibility requirements listed above have been met as well as an assessment of the student's individual contribution to the paper along various dimensions (e.g. problem definition, modeling, analytical results, computational results, empirical/experimental results, writing). This information will be considered when evaluating the paper.

Items 1 and 2 should be sent by the entrant as e-mail attachments to the VP Honors and Awards of PITM, Sebastian Fixson (sfixson@babson.edu). Item 3 should also be sent via e-mail to the VP Honors and Awards, but directly by the entrant's primary research advisor (who should not forget to include the title of the paper as identification).

Complete entries must be received on or before July 1, 2013. Any question(s) related to the competition should be sent by email to the VP Honors and Awards.

Good Luck!

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