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Product Innovation and Technology Management


Mission and Bylaws

Jul 09 2015

Welcome to the POMS College of Product Innovation and Technology Management. The mission of the college is to create a closely-knit community of researchers, educators, and practitioners engaged in studying and disseminating issues that arise in the management of technology and new product innovation. Specifically, we are interested in examining the management of the creation and application of rapidly changing technologies as well as the development and launch of innovative new products.

As the global economy shifts to one driven by technology, innovation, and information, companies are confronted with new operational questions and issues. Through focused special events and journal special issues, the college seeks to unearth and highlight these issues and build a critical mass of researchers attempting to address these questions with new insights, concepts and methodologies. The college will also seek to engage practitioners and industry thinkers on these topics. In addition, we will also facilitate the exchange of ideas on an educational agenda with respect to product and technology management.

Like other POMS colleges, we will be actively involved in organizing sessions at the annual POMS conference. In addition, we shall periodically have special events and journal special issues. The college will use the web to foster rich conversations within the community.

Please click here to download bylaws (in Word format).

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