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College of Behavior in Operations Management

Behavior in Operations Management


2014 Mini-Conference

The College of Behavior in Operations Management will be hosting their second mini-conference entitled “The Human Element in Pricing / Revenue Management” on Thursday 8 May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, one day prior to the POMS 25th anniversary conference. Join us to explore human behavior and operations management in a variety of industry contexts and to learn from both practitioners and academics. This is a great opportunity to meet with experts in this area that may inform and inspire your research. Hope to see you there!

2011-2012 Awards

The POMS College of Behavior in OM sponsored four awards during 2011-2012. Two for the best reviewers in the behavioral department of POM, and two for the best presentation at the 2011 and 2012 Behavioral Operations Conference. All awards included a plaque and cash prize:

Mini-Conference at the POMS Annual Meeting in Chicago, 2012

The POMS College of Behavior in Operations Management hosted a half-day mini-conference. It included talks from a number of well-known behavioral researchers such as George Wu (University of Chicago), Meg Meloy (Penn State University), Ken Schultz (Airforce Institute of Technology), and Steve Leider (University of Michigan).

Mission Statement and Bylaws

The College aims to create a community of researchers, educators and practitioners who deal with study of human behavior issues to make POM more effective. In this endeavor, the College will collaborate with other professional groups (see for example Behavioral Operations Site) with similar interests.This effort will lead to a focus on the study of interfaces and interactions of POM with other disciplines primarily with Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Occupational Psychology. These also include the overlap and intersection of various disciplines with respect to logistical and transformation processes for products and services, and the development, deployment and evaluation of human resource policies and practices that support these processes. Specifically, the College will focus on the interaction between individuals, work groups, technology and work place environments.

Board Members

President: Mirko Kremer, Penn State University  Vice President: Wedad Elmaghraby, University of Maryland  Secretary: Julie Niederhoff, Syracuse University Treasurer: Michael Becker-Perth, University of Cologne