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Jul 09 2015

Kalyan Singhal, in collaboration with about three hundred professors and executives, founded POMS on June 30, 1989. The society held its first international meeting in Washington, D.C. in October, 1990. The inaugural issue of its journal, Production and Operations Management, was published in March, 1992.

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Linkages with EurOMA

POMS, in its efforts to globalize POM profession, is reaching out to other professional organizations that share similar goals and objectives. 

Following the POMS Board meeting in Chicago (2005), POMS and EurOMA explored the possibility of expanding cooperation between the two societies and agreed on the following:

Joint membership: Starting in 2006 each society offered the option of joining the other one at a reduced fee.

Web information and links exchange: The two Societies also agreed to list conferences and other public activities of both societies on the website of each society with appropriate links.

Details of EurOMA can be found at http://www.euroma-online.org

Website Management

All POMS.org website change requests and comments should be e-mailed to the POMS Executive Director, Dr. Sushil Gupta at poms@fiu.edu